Light Steel Framing is a system based on the use of steel as the main element of a structure. In this way, instead of a more traditional approach of concrete and brick, the structure of a house consists of hundreds of metal profiles in galvanized and cold formed steel.

Light Steel Framing profiles are produced from steel sheets with reduced thickness and, therefore, combine their high resistance with considerable lightness. Thus, in addition to obtaining better performance in terms of structural safety, it is also possible to grant greater creative freedom in the design of the project.

It should also be noted that in a Light Steel Framing construction, all the elements used (metalic profiles, OSB boards and plasterboard boards, among others) contribute to the stability and solidity of the structure, forming a strong connection mesh (frame) between them.

In conclusion, the use of lightweight steel allows a construction that presents, in terms of safety and comfort, an improvement in the quality of life of its users.